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Introducing From Farm - To Needle

If you’ve been receiving this newsletter for a while now, you have probably noticed that I use Why Knot Fibers yarn a lot. Kat, the proprietress of Why Knot Fibers is a great friend for sure, but we also share the same business interests and goals. The past few years of collaborations and fiber talk at our weekly coffee dates have helped us to merge and focus our interests and develop these goals.

The interest is breed specific yarns and yarn blends. The goals are threefold.

To create one of a kind yarn blends

To create patterns that bring out the best characteristics of each fiber in the blend

To support our local farmers by sourcing as much fiber as possible from the Great Lakes Region of the US.

We are ready to introduce From Farm – To Needle, a new series of blog posts that you will be able to find on both of our websites. What is From Farm – To Needle? I’m so glad you asked. From Farm blog posts will be written by Kat and provide you with introductions of the farmer (and the sheep) who provide the fiber, behind the scenes of new yarn blends that we are creating, as well as the benefits of blending certain fibers together. To Needle posts will be written by me and focus more on the attributes of each yarn, what type of projects and techniques that will bring out the best in the yarn, and highlight patterns that have been inspired by the yarn. But wait, there’s more! Before we get started with the yarn specific posts, we will be blogging a bit about just what Farm to Needle yarns are - cause we know that some of you are reading this and asking exactly that.

Check back in next Friday for the first From Farm - To Needle post.

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