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White Cap Mitts

My designs are born in various ways. In some cases, I get inspired by art, nature or even a TV show. Sometimes I see a yarn that seems to already know what it wants to become, all I have to do is make it happen. In today’s case, I was asked to design a pattern by one of my local yarn shops for the area shop hop. The finished project had to meet several requirements. 1. The yarn was chosen for me by the shop owner. 2. It must be 2 colors. 3. It must be a small project so only one 50 gram skein of each color is needed. 4. It must be interesting but easy enough for all skill levels. 5. It should reflect the area. The result is White Cap Mitts. Using two colors of Harrisville flyWHEEL (more about that in the next post), White Cap Mitts are quick and fun to knit with an unusual slipped stitch pattern on the cuff. The wave pattern created by the slipped stitches represent both the waves of the lake and the waves of snow. A year or so ago I was sent a copy of The Art of Slipped Stitch Knitting as a thank-you gift for knitting a sample for that book. I’m not sure if Faina and Simona found the wave pattern in slipped stitches or if they created it. Either way, that book gave me the inspiration for my waves. Thanks Faina and Simona!

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