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Starting Again

I always start out with the best of intentions. I have big plans and even write several posts in advance, just like all the ‘How to Write a Blog’ articles suggest. In the beginning, things are great. For a few weeks or even months I’m posting on a regular schedule, and continuing to write posts for the weeks to come. Then I start to write and post more sporadically until the posts dwindle down to nothing. I think I have finally figured out why I fall into this trap over and over again. My enthusiasm is inevitably exhausted because I am focusing on the product instead of the process. Most knitters are either product knitters – focused more on the getting the finished product than how to get there, or process knitters – focused more on the journey, the technique, the stitches and the act of the knitting itself. I definitely fall into the category of process knitter. The same is true about sharing my thoughts and adventures in words. I remember when I was in my first semester in college and really learning to write papers. My older sister was friends with the TA if my history class. She asked how I was doing in class and his response was ‘I can tell she did not like the subject matter of the last paper’. When I like something, it shows and when I don’t well, it really shows. I always feel phony and it comes across in my writing. In the past I have been trying to use blogging as self-promotion and, frankly, I suck at that. So, I’m trying something different this time. Instead of spending time telling you how great I am, I’m going to tell you about things that excite me. New yarn shops I visit, knitting events I am attending, yarn, needles and accessories I really love, designers and worthy causes I admire and of course my own new designs and classes. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my knitting adventures.

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