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For years, yarn companies have been developing yarns to be softer and more snuggly than the one before. Our most popular yarns have been super soft merino blended with silk, alpaca, and cashmere for added luxury. There is no doubt about it, these are wonderful, beautiful yarns and we’ve probably all knit many gorgeous things with them. However, many of them have issues with durability and their expensive.

As I mentioned in my last post, Harrisville Designs, flyWHEEL was chosen for me to design my White Cap Mitts and I couldn’t be more pleased. We have long, cold winters here in northern Michigan. I worry about wearing many of my hand-knits on a daily basis. There are so many opportunities throughout every day that could lead to snagging and pilling. Enter flyWHEEL. It’s got the durability that comes with 100% pure virgin wool. What felt a bit scratchy in the skein, turned out to be quite pleasant to knit. Half way through knitting the White Cap Mitts, I realized it would make the perfect sweater for my everyday life which includes moving firewood and entertaining a spunky puppy (those nails, you know) on a daily basis. It’s still in the sketching phase so look for it in the fall! The color inspiration comes for flyWHEEL comes from the river that passes through the Harrisville mill as well as the banks surrounding the river. The 20 heathered colors are muted and earthy with names like Canal and Mallard. 50 gram balls means you can use add a lot of color work to a project without wasting too much yarn or money. flyWHEEL is a sport weight and my favorite but if that’s not your speed, this yarn line includes WATERSHED, a worsted weight, and Turbine, a bulky weight yarn. What is your favorite?

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