Fiber Festivals

Every knitter, crocheter, spinner and weaver should attend a large fiber festival at least once. While I’m not a big fan of crowds, the great selection and enthusiasm of the shows make the crowds worth that slight claustrophobic feeling. By the end of each day I have inspiration and enthusiasm to knit everything in sight. I have had the good fortune to teach at the Stitches events so I have been to several. Every show has its own personality. Some are huge, with many classes (usually full) and markets with upwards of 100 vendors. Others are more intimate, with fewer students and teachers but also fewer vendors. Outdoor shows often include sheep shearing and herding demonstrations. Some are

New Challenge

I've found a new challenge - typing. I'm doing fairly well writing long-hand but not good at all in transferring those words to a typed blog post. Case in point, the following post has been written for about 3 weeks.

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